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Online Interactive Data Dissemination Service for 2016 Population By-census launched

Published date: 14 September 2017

The Census and Statistics Department launched today (September 14) the online Interactive Data Dissemination Service (IDDS) for the 2016 Population By-census for use by the public free of charge.

The IDDS provides a user-friendly interface which allows users to produce statistical tables and charts according to their own needs. Users will be able to tabulate results on many topics (e.g. age distribution, education level, occupation, housing characteristics, income and geographical distribution of the population) using data from the 2016 Population By-census, the 2011 Population Census and the 2006 Population By-census. All tables and charts can be downloaded for further processing and analyses.

The IDDS can be accessed through the website of the 2016 Population By-census (www.bycensus2016.gov.hk/en/bc-own_tbl.html). Apart from accessing the IDDS through personal computers, users can use smart phones and other types of mobile device to access the IDDS anytime and anywhere to build tables or charts direct.

Enquiries about the IDDS can be directed to the 2016 Population By-census Office of the C&SD (Tel: 3547 1800, or email: bycensus2016@censtatd.gov.hk).

Last revision date: 14 September 2017

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