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Questionnaire Content

Data Topics for the 2016 Population By-census


Demographic and social characteristics

  1. Year and month of birth
  2. Sex
  3. Place of birth
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Nationality
  6. Marital status
  7. Usual language
  8. Ability to speak other languages/dialects
  9. Ability to read/write languages

Educational characteristics

  1. School attendance
  2. Educational attainment (highest level attended)
  3. Educational attainment (highest level completed)
  4. Field of education
  5. Place of study
  6. Mode of transport to place of study

Internal migration characteristics

  1. Whereabouts at reference moment
  2. Duration of residence in Hong Kong
  3. Place of residence 5 years ago

Economic characteristics

  1. Economic activity status
  2. Industry
  3. Occupation
  4. Whether having secondary employment
  5. Hours of work
  6. Earnings from main employment
  7. Earnings from secondary employment
  8. Other cash income (including cash income from rent)
  9. Place of work
  10. Mode of transport to place of work

Housing characteristics

  1. Type of quarters
  2. Whether Subdivided Units
  3. Whether usual or occasional residence
  4. Type of accommodation
  5. Number of rooms in the residence (including living / dining rooms,
    bedrooms, other rooms, kitchens, bathrooms / toilets)
  6. Floor area of accommodation
  7. No. of households in quarters (derived)
  8. No. of occupants in quarters (derived)
  9. Tenure of accommodation
  10. Rent (including rates, government rent and management fees)
  11. Mortgage payment or loan payment

Household characteristics

  1. Type of household
  2. Whether a member of the household
  3. Relationship to other members of the household
  4. Household size (derived)
  5. Household composition (derived)
  6. Household income (derived)

Last revision date: 23 October 2015

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