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“2016 Population By-census – Graphic Guide” published

Published date: 20 June 2017

The Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) published today (June 20) a publication entitled “2016 Population By-census – Graphic Guide”.

The publication presents the summary results of the 2016 Population By-census in colour graphics. It contains 53 charts showing the socio-economic characteristics of the Hong Kong population in broad groupings.

Users can download this publication free of charge from the website of the C&SD (www.censtatd.gov.hk/hkstat/sub/sp459.jsp) as well as the thematic website of the 2016 Population By-census (www.bycensus2016.gov.hk/en/bc-articles.html).

The publications on the results of the 2016 Population By-census which have been released earlier include Summary Results and Thematic Report on Household Income Distribution in Hong Kong. Other publications of the 2016 Population By-census, including Main Report and other Thematic Reports, will be published in stages later.

Last revision date: 20 June 2017

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