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Face-to-face interview phase of 2016 Population By-census ended

Published date: 2 August 2016

The face-to-face interview phase of the 2016 Population By-census ended today (2 August). For households that could not be contacted despite repeated attempts, census officers have left self-administered questionnaires with them. The households concerned are requested to complete and return the questionnaires in the self-addressed envelopes attached to the 2016 Population By-census Office on or before 15 August.

The processing of the By-census information is underway. This Department may contact, on or before 15 August by phone, some individual households that have provided information for verification in order to ensure that the information is accurate. All the outgoing calls will display the By-census hotline number (18 2016).

For enquiries, please call the hotline (18 2016) of the By-census Service Centre. The Centre will remain in operation until 15 August. From tomorrow (3 August) to 15 August, the service hours of the Centre will be from 9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday.

Last revision date: 2 August 2016

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